Elmar Zorn – Culla delle Materie

The work of Gabriele Giorgi over the last 20 years, the innovative art exhibitions both
in Italy and abroad and the new materials he used in his artistic works have always
surprised his public. The Italian artist who is born in Pesaro and works in the near
municipality of Monteciccardo, initially makes his sculpture with marble and steel.
After the deserved recognition got due these kind of artistic works, he separates the
materials used in his sculptures again. The union of the marble and the steel gave his
sculptures the perfection and the compactness of a marble block and the malleability
of the aluminium. From the 80’s, the sculptor showed to his public his experimental
positions thanks to the use of different materials such as the aluminium, the steel, the
marble and the stone. Such materials give life to big sculptures every of them different
from each others. Thanks to the combination of cold and elegant materials, the union
of metal foils and paving stones, the sculptures allowed Giorgi to acquire their own
identity and personality. In several in steel realized works, Giorgi uses geometrical
and minimalist figures, static and equilibrated forms. Since 1992 Giorgi uses new
materials such as copper and iron. Big marble blocks from Carrara are connected
to the others with thin copper foils. In 1997 he uses other new materials such as
aluminium, brass and silver. Today the sculptures of Giorgi are very innovative: these
artistic works are more abstract and regular. In particular, he pays his attention on
the research of innovative forms in order to give new life and verve to his sculpture.
His sculptural experience and the use of new materials allow Giorgi to dedicate
himself to the painting. These kind of new artistic works are not to be seen as crafts
or of minor importance compared to his sculptural work but as a challenge for himself.
During his career Giorgi also writes a grand opera, characterized by a poetic and
experimental aria. He is not only a sculptor and a painter but also a poet. And not
only! In addition the artist dedicates himself also to the videos: in this particular kind
of art, he focuses on the temporal aspect: his videos made their mark in his public’s
minds due to his sense of rhythm and the polychrome and brightly images always on
the move together with their incidental music. The artistic works of Gabriele Giorgi
are full of consistency and constancy, characteristics that represent the trade mark
of this innovative artist. This is due to his art education, the sculptural education in
particular. Giorgi the painter, the sculptor, the poet and the creator of videos, paid
particular attention on the artistic study of the materials he used. He has also curated
several exhibitions in Munich, together with the exhibitions at Pasinger Fabrik and
those at “Istituto Italiano di Cultura” titled Culla delle Materie. The exhibitions have
been opened by Dieter Ronte, director of the Kunstmuseum of Bonn, Germany, and
connoisseur of the Italian art who wrote critical texts about Giorgi. Pierre Restany
also, the internationally known French art critic and cultural philosopher, wrote critical
texts about Giorgi’s work. For the Munich exhibition, Giorgi made two sculptures
at the height of a man, Monaco and Monaca the male and female variants of the
Münchner Kindl (is German for Munich child) a figure that looks like a child wearing a
pointed hood. The two sculptures are divided by an imaginary line, a sort of line that
has only an abstract definition and does not exist in fact. These two big sculptures
are positioned in the area of the Theresienwiese, an open space in the Munich
borough, where every year takes place the biggest fair of the world: the Oktoberfest.
Every year thousand and thousand of Italians participate to this popular fair but
unfortunately only few of them knew that not far from them there were the exhibition
of one of the biggest Italian sculptors. In Munich and then in Colonia at the Istituto
italiano della Cultura has been opened an abstract sculptures exhibition: there were
pictures, paintings and videos. At the exhibition has taken part also the director Dieter
Ronte. Then the sculptures have been exhibited also at the Ernest & Young, one
of the world’s leading professional services organizations in Dusseldorf. After the
exhibition the artists met themselves at the Kunstraum Gerdi Gutperle in Mannheim
– Viernheim, an artistic city near the biggest city of Dusseldorf. This is the Rhine –
Neckar Metropolitan Region, often referred to as Rhein – Neckar Triangle located in
south western Germany, together with the cities of Ludwigshafen and Heidelberg.
Gabriele Giorgi also has taken part together with his colleagues to the Kunstraum
Gerdi Gutperle and there they talked about their artistic and cultural visions and
ideas. As regard the next exhibitions of the artist Gabriele Giorgi several of them are
scheduled in Neukölln, the eighth borough of Berlin, located in the southeastern part
of the city and in Potsdam. These exhibitions are aimed at those art lovers who would
like to take part and see innovative artistic works and I’d like to underline another
time the amazing relationship between the artist and the materials of his works, the
way he can adapt these materials to his sculptures. One the best quality of Giorgi is
the sensuality of his sculptures: his works make us see a new reality, a new world.
At this point we could compare Gabriele Giorgi to the alchemists of the Middle Ages:
like the alchemists in fact, also the Italian artist is looking for the gold but not through
magic spells but through his artistic works. He makes a transformation: his innovative
materials let his public understand all his artistic inventions and let them discover new
figures that perfectly adapt themselves to the spaces of the exhibitions.